You and an employee are parting ways — are they entitled to unemployment benefits?

THE EMPLOYEE’S RIGHTS: an employee with legal status in Switzerland and with a work permit is entitled to unemployment benefits.


People receiving AVS income cannot claim unemployment benefits.


The employee must contact Chèque service after having registered with the Cantonal Employment Office (OCE). Chèque service will draw up the necessary documents.

THE EMPLOYER’S DUTIES: in order for Chèque service to deliver the documents required by the OCE to the employee for their benefits claim, it is imperative that all wages are declared to Chèque service and that all corresponding social security contributions are paid.


The employer is required to take all necessary steps within one week following the employee’s registration for unemployment.


LEGAL FRAMEWORK: the right of decision and benefit payment lies with the appropriate authority

  • Being resident in Switzerland
  • ​Being fully or partially unemployed
  • Having contributed over at least 12 months over the past 2 years