Have you hired someone to work in your home? Chèque service is the easy and practical solution for your administrative red tape.



Download our registration form that you will find on this link and return it to us filled in and signed by yourself and your employee with a copy of their AVS card. In the event that they do not have an AVS card, you will have to send a copy of a piece of identification.


This type of affiliation is compulsory:

- For salaries paid on a monthly basis,

- For salaries greater than the threshold for occupational insurance (LPP), namely CHF 1'762.50 gross per month,

- If the employee receives payment in kind, such as meals and accommodation.



Would you like to simplify matters for yourself and no longer have to send us salary declarations every month?

- Are you already a client? Contact us to move your account onto our internet portal.

- Are you not yet a client? Create your account directly by clicking on the “Register” button.



The online portal runs on PC and Mac (minimum version Safari 10.0).

Affiliation to Chèque service online is only possible for employees with a variable hourly salary.


In order to declare your employee’s wage-related social security contributions, Chèque service must be informed every month of the net amount that you have paid them.


For clients having chosen an online account, the net salaries paid must be directly entered from the account.


For all other clients, if your employee is paid on an hourly basis, we will send you a checkbook with coupons enabling you to let us know the net salary paid at the end of each month.


If your employee is paid on a monthly basis, we automatically record the salary declared on the registration form each month.



Chèque service operates on a principle of provisional installments and, each quarter, bills the prepayments of social security contributions, estimated on the basis of the information contained in the registration form. Bills are payable within 30 days.


Chèque service does not send billing for clients with an online account. Employers must pay regularly into their account in order to cover the social security charges of the salaries accounted for.


Chèque service then pays the contributions to the different insurance schemes concerned.