Family allowance

Applications for family allowance can be made on the Chèque service registration form or on request. Chèque service will follow up the application procedure.

THE EMPLOYEE’S RIGHTS: employees working in a domestic context are entitled to family allowance if the legal conditions are met. 

A single application can be made per family, generally by the partner with the highest wages.


THE EMPLOYEE’s DUTIES:  the person benefiting from the family allowance, or the third party to whom it is paid, must inform the Geneva Cantonal Compensation Fund Office (CCGC) of any change to their personal or professional situation.


LEGAL FRAMEWORK: family allowance comprises:    

  • Child allowance of CHF 311.-
  • Occupational training allowance of CHF 415.- (for any child who is studying or in apprenticeship at the very latest at the end of the month in which they reach the age of 25 years.)
  • Childbirth allowance of CHF 2’073.-