All there is to know on the rights and duties of the employer and the employee in the event of maternity.

LEGAL FRAMEWORK: any mother in gainful employment is entitled to 80% of her wages, paid in the form of maternity allowance, during the 14 weeks that follow the birth of the child or an adoption, on the condition that she has been subject to mandatory insurance under the AVS law during the 9 months preceding the birth or has received unemployment benefits.


In addition to this federal allowance, the Canton of Geneva awards a cantonal allowance of 2 supplementary weeks if the employee has worked at least 5 months during her pregnancy and if she was working in the Geneva region at the time of birth.


FOR THE EMPLOYEE:  Contact Chèque service, even before the birth, to receive the ad hoc forms. Once filled in, these must be sent back to Chèque service which will complete them before forwarding them to the Geneva Cantonal Compensation Fund Office (CCGC).


The CCGC will directly pay the allowance to the employee, representing 80% of the average income received before the birth.

FOR THE EMPLOYER:  in the event of incapacity for work certified by a doctor during the pregnancy of their employee, the employer must pay their wages as per the Bern Scale (see the fact sheet on illness).


The employer cannot terminate their employee’s contract during pregnancy or during the 16 weeks that follow the birth of the child.